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Honey, Honey, Honey!

Curried Honey Sweet Potato Soup

This weekend I was back into the Collins Beekeeper's Bibleand made three recipes from it: one starter, one main course and one pudding. Yesterday (Saturday 12th October) I made curried honey sweet potato soup, the ingredients for which included sweet potatoes, curry powder, honey, garlic, ginger root, a red chilli, a red onion and vegetable stock.

Having prepared the vegetables, I roasted the sweet potatoes which I had tossed in oil, curry powder, honey, garlic, ginger and chilli. The smell was gorgeous. While the potatoes were roasting, I gently fried the onion. When both were ready, they were processed together with the stock and some coconut milk. Then I reheated the mixture and soon it was time to dish up. A very tasty soup, improved by the addition of some thick yoghurt.

Moroccan Honey-Chicken Tagine with Prunes

Still dripping with honey, today I made this chicken tagine. First I had to marinate the chicken pieces in a combination of chopped pars…

Bits and Pieces

Cauliflower and Stilton Soup

I like cauliflower but I love Stilton cheese. Always a good combination. The spouse and I have long since disposed of a cheese recipe book we bought in the 1980s but I remember making Stilton and cauliflower soup in that decade of the big shoulder pads. A more recent addition to our cookery books is the Riverford Farm Cook Book, which is where the current recipe can be found. Check out the website too.

I ate the soup on my own, the spouse and younger offspring being otherwise occupied by a significant rugby match. I enjoyed it. The next day the spouse enjoyed it too. The offspring made positive noises but did not finish his portion. Hurrummph!

Honey Bakes

After a little faffing about, some of my improv acquaintances came round to practise last Saturday. Just as well, because I had baked for them: a traditional honey tea bread and walnut and honey cookies, the recipes for which are in the Collins Beekeeper's Bible.

Bee Brief

A few months ago I was given a…