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Still Baking

Where has 2018 gone to? And while it was evaporating around me, have I been baking? Yes. I am not going to write a dreary list of what I've made but I'll share some of the highlights.

Back in February I took out Nigel Slater's "Real Food" and made his sausage and potato pie. It was delicious. I used sausages containing black pudding. A little bit fiddly but worth the effort. "Quality!" said the younger offspring. "Put it on the 'make again' list."

In the same month I made Yotam Ottolenghi's plum, marzipan and cinnamon muffins, which I first baked five years ago. On that occasion I went to the trouble of making fresh plum compote according to the recipe. Subsequently I've used jam out of jar. Life's too short.

Other bakes in February were muesli muffins, banana gingerbread (Paul Flynn's old reliable recipe) white chocolate fruit and nut slice.  
 March saw me haring madly around the kitchen. 
I made two simnel cakes for Easte…