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January Jottings

Puffed Up with Pride
My first new recipe of 2017 was from Norfolk's Own Cookbook: Everything Stops for Tea. The book practically fell open at "Sausage rolls with roasted vegetables." There were some unused shallots and carrots in the fridge, smoked paprika, and a few of the other listed ingredients in our cupboard. At the butcher's I asked for sausagemeat and was given the choice of having the meat removed from prepared sausages or a lump of frozen meat. I chose the former but not happily. 

Butternut squash - the tough nut of vegetables. You have to batter through the skin with a sharp knife. Then the dicing begins. Carrots are grated. Oh, the anxiety! Will I sever a finger or break a nail? Phew! I got through the prep work with no mishaps. 

I can't remember when I last used puff pastry. I thawed out a packet for the sausage rolls - who has time to make puff pastry from scratch? Although I used more than the quantity specified in the recipe, I didn't think I was…