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Cabbage Patch

Cabbage Patched with PorkI first made French cabbage soup (The Soup Book recipe) in October 2012 and on checking my blog entry I see that I was not impressed with it. I made it again last week but this time I served it with fried slices of pork steak which I had coated with sun-dried tomato paste. It was a good combination: the tomato paste helped to disguise the blandness of the soup.

Medley of Gingerbread, Muffins and Chocolate SliceBaking is still my favourite activity. I recently made Paul Flynn's banana gingerbread - a favourite in this house for many years. Sometimes I make things because I have an ingredient I want to use up before its expiry date. For example, a packet of muesli has been languishing in a cupboard so I made muffins with it. They weren't too sweet and were well received both at home and at work.

Next I was under orders from a colleague to make something nice for her before she gave up goodies for Lent. I made deliciously sturdy white chocolate fruit and nu…