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Over the land (and in the kitchen) is April

Over the land is April 
Over the land is April,
Over my heart a rose;
Over the high, brown mountain
The sound of singing goes.

Thanks to Robert Louis Stevenson for the title of this entry.

April activity
This month I made Chetna Makan's coconut and pine nut cookies. Distracted by something, I left them in the oven a little too long. Even so, I quite liked them but I'm not sure that my tasting audience was hugely impressed.

I haven't bought a copy of Good Housekeeping for a long time so I treated myself to the April 2017 issue. There were lots of tempting chocolate cake recipes but I opted for the fairly straightforward Easter bark recipe. I made two batches: one with the suggested chopped mini eggs, the other with chopped up Smarties. These were very much appreciated by my tasting audience.

Sometimes I have to remind myself of why I started writing this blog: to encourage myself to work through The Soup Book. Starting in December 2009 I worked my way through 170 of the 200 recipes.…

Time Marches On

Last month (March 2017) I forayed into a couple of my older cook books for recipes. My aunt and uncle came for lunch at the beginning of the month, so I used Bridget Jones' recipes for boeuf bourguignon and raspberry mousse gateau. The latter was accompanied by mango kulfi (recipe from the Kaul sisters' The Three Sisters Indian Cookbook

My favourite bake of last month was Bronte Aurell's Brunswick bun (Hygge and Fykke). It was my first attempt at baking with yeast and took nearly all day. The flavour and aroma of warm cardamom - oh, pure delight! I was inspired to write a poem about cardamom and it was well received by a small audience. 

Other recipes of Bronte's that I tried were the blueberry stud muffins (okay) and the saffron bundt with pears. The latter was not a success (too much batter for the size of my ring-tin) and I realised I don't like the taste of saffron. 

I also tried out Chetna Makan's sugar-free fig and nut laddoos and coconut and pine nut cook…