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February Feasts

A Sliver of Silvia

My first bake of February was the Silvia cake from Hygge and Fika. Buttery batter and coconut topping: it had to be good. I was rather disappointed by the cake's blandness. I've checked a couple of other recipes for this cake, none of which stand out as making it more interesting or flavoursome.

Spinach and Spice Loaf

This is more like it. Spinach, chilli, cumin, garlic and pinenuts provide rich flavours and texture. Definitely to be made again. 

Rabbitting On

A new recipe from an old book was Dorset rabbit from Doreen Fulleylove's Country Fare. Our butcher had a couple of rabbits for less than €10, so why not have a go? Jointed and covered with a layer of breadcrumbs and suet, this was a tasty meal. 

All Square 

One weekend I made raspberry squares from Hygge and Fika and hazelnut squares from Martha Day's Baking. I've had my eye on the hazelnut square recipe for a long time. I tried the "simmer with sodium bicarbonate" method of skinning the…