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May Fare

Fete-ful Fudge Fest 

Last year I was asked to make fudge for a parish fete. This year I was asked to do so again and invited to assist at the stall where the fudge would be sold. I agreed to both and the fudge-making began five days beforehand (16th May). I decided to try different recipes: one from a recipe book sold many years ago in aid of St Patrick's Cathedral, Dublin, one cut out of a magazine and one downloaded from a commercial website. All three required different types of sugar, or different types of milk (evaporated, condensed or ordinary) or a combination of two. Altogether I made four batches, including one with fruit and nut. What a blissful week that was! 

This haiku by "Amanda in Scarlet" sums up my feelings for fudge: 

Layers and folds yield to pressure, tongue sinks - dissolves into soft, sweet bliss.Training Days 

I am now preparing for another local event: the baking competition component of a forthcoming horticultural show. I entered last year without ch…

Roots, Eats and Leaves

Root Vegetable Soup

What else would you do on a cool May bank holiday weekend except make soup? This roasted root vegetable soup from Complete Comfort Food looked interesting. Lots of vegetables to be prepared: butternut squash, onions, leeks, turnip (swede), parsnip (yes, I hate them but surely one parsnip would be overwhelmed by the other ingredients) and carrots. Prep work done and bay leaves, rosemary and thyme interspersed, I popped the vegetables into the oven to roast. I had to leave the house for a few minutes and when I re-entered, the aroma of rosemary rose to greet me. Mmmm! 

When softened, I simmered the vegetables in stock and then liquidised them. The soup was a little too thick. We ate it with a dollop of creme fraiche sprinkled with cayenne pepper. A little bland, I thought, but the spouse and younger offspring were very pleased. 

Pea, Ham and Cheese Muffins

This recipe is in the Norfolk's Own Cookbook and I've been itching to make these muffins for weeks. What cou…