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Full on in February

What a month it's been! The spouse celebrated a milestone birthday and had surgery five days later. I've continued to bake at a frenetic pace in preparation for an event I'm hosting to mark International Women's Day. I wrote a poem about reading an anthology of diary extracts (The Assassin's Cloak, edited by Irene and Alan Taylor). I re-joined the gym (but haven't been exercising there). I completed two panels of a throw I'm knitting. Oh, what a busy woman I am. Just as well there was an extra day in the month. 

On the savoury front, I made:
a sausage, bacon and onion casserole using venison sausages from our local butcher (recipe from Fiona Beckett's Sausage and Mash). Delicious. 
toad in the hole using sausages with black pudding from the nearby German store (recipe from Bridget Jones' Complete Comfort Food). I love toad in the hole and the batter recipe was glorious! 
vegetable moussaka (also from Complete Comfort Food). Not bad. 
roast pesto …