Brussels Sprouts Soup

Fortieth Soup: Brussels Sprouts

Well, it is the 30th December 2010 and just over a year since I first followed a recipe from The Soup Book. I have now made forty different soups! The recipe for Brussels sprouts soup is by Sophie Grigson and calls for onions, thyme, chicken or vegetable stock and a garnishing of soured cream, creme fraiche or yogurt with paprika or cayenne pepper.  I do not particularly like the taste of sprouts but was determined to get this soup over and done with. Yesterday I called down to "Young Stephen's" green grocery, expecting to be able to buy loose sprouts, but no, they were pre-packed. Young Stephen and I swapped tales of cats' less desirable habits then bade each other a happy new year.

Back to the soup. I sweated the sliced onions, added sugar, and eventually put in the sprouts, thyme and stock. Once the sprouts were just tender and the mixture had cooled a little, I got out the liquidiser and finished the soup. As a non-sprout eater, I have to say the soup is quite tasty. The spouse likes it too, but when I broke the news to the older offspring that we'd be having sprout soup for dinner, the corners of his mouth turned down. Never mind.

Onions sweated, sprouts added.
Stock added and ready for simmering.

Bee Ready for the New Year

I recently received a notice from the County Dublin Beekeepers' Association about a seminar on bee health that's taking place on 23rd January. Unfortunately, I shan't be able to attend as I'll be out of the country.

Wishing my regular readers a very happy new year, with plenty of running water!


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