French Country Soup

French Country Soup

Today's soup was French country soup from a recipe by Marie-Pierre Moine. I made it yesterday, having chosen the recipe on the basis that I need to make more progress through the winter vegetables section of The Soup Book. Also, the ingredients were simple (leeks, potato, carrots and stock) and wouldn't take too long to prepare. I was having a busy weekend and was trying to use my time well.

Leeks, potatoes and carrots

According to the introduction, this mixed vegetable potage is "traditional family fare [and] is ladled out of a tureen into wide shallow bowls as a starter all over [France]." The spouse, younger offspring and I ate our soup this evening and while they liked it, I was not overly impressed. I think I like richer, more flavoursome soups. I didn't use a tureen, but I don't think it would have made any difference to the taste. Having checked on line, I find that other recipes include meat: chicken, beef shanks, etc. Not to worry. I have now completed ninety soups.

Speaking of French cookery, last Saturday I brought the younger offspring across the Liffey to an East Wall History Week event. We took a taxi home and our driver was French. Breton, to be precise. I asked him what he thought of food and cooking in Ireland. He said that it has improved over the years. When he first came to live here thirty-three years ago, he was surprised if not horrified about the quality of the fruit and vegetables and the lack of variety. Even today, he said, there is only one supermarket that is likely to stock the quality of food he likes. Harsh words, perhaps, but it's always interesting to hear different views.

Bee Brief

I read that Carol Ann Duffy's book The Bees has been published. It's on my wish list. To see the beautiful cover of the book click on this link.
Here's a story about the growing interest in beekeeping in Ireland. My influence?!
Take a look at the Bees of Ireland and the Bumblebee Monitoring Scheme websites.
And finally, don't forget the County Dublin Beekeepers' Association honey show in Rathgar on Saturday 5th November. Might see you there.


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