Cream of Tomato Soup

Cream of Tomato Soup 

Yesterday I had intended making smoked tomato soup as my 120th from The Soup Book. The spouse dutifully went out and bought lots of tomatoes. He then read the recipe more closely than I had and observed the instructions about smoking the tomatoes on a rack over barbecue chips in a frying pan or wok. Change of plan. We had lots of tomatoes so I stayed in that section of The Soup Book. All I had to do was go out and buy sun-dried tomatoes and then I could start cooking. The first step was to roast twelve plum tomatoes. I did this at lunch time to expedite matters that evening. Just as well I did. I started preparing at about 5.15pm and the soup was ready to to eat at 7pm - much longer than the seventy minutes indicated in the recipe by Sofia Larrinua-Craxton.

I chopped onions and celery, I diced carrots, I minced garlic, I skinned and chopped another eight tomatoes, and I chopped the sun-dried tomatoes. Then I sauteed the onions, later adding the celery, carrots and garlic. When this mixture was ready I added in all the tomatoes, poured in the stock and left the lot to simmer. I got out the hand-held blender and got the younger offspring to help with the pureeing. The puree then had to be pushed through a sieve. Before re-heating the sieved puree I added the cream gradually. The soup was tasty but not really worth all the effort involved. It's on the maybe list.

Blog update: 120 soups and 8,413 page views. I have made 60% of all the soups, and 60% or more of the summer and winter vegetable soups, the pulse and nut, the fruit and the cheese soups; I have to catch up with the meat (58%) and fish (51%) soups.

Bee Buzz 

I received a notice from the County Dublin Beekeepers' Association about an international beekeeping photography competition.
There were four bee-related items in The Irish Times last week:

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