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White Gazpacho

We've had a few lovely sunny warm days here in Dublin so yesterday I thought I'd pick a recipe for a chilled soup  from The Soup Book. On a hot day you don't want to spend too much time peeling and chopping and standing over a hot saucepan.  Similarly, while the recipe requires you to grind blanched almonds, I had a rebellious moment and used pre-ground almonds. Naughty me.

I cut up white bread and left it soaking in iced water while I whizzed the ground almonds with a little iced water in the processor. I probably shouldn't have used ice cubes. Then I put the bread and garlic into the processor and whizzed the mixture together. This was followed by the addition of olive oil and balsamic vinegar. A little seasoning and I was ready to go. I placed seedless green grapes in the bottom of the bowls and ladled in the soup.

Verdict: The poor younger offspring wasn't able for much, mainly because of the garlic. The spouse and I both liked it but he wouldn't be keen to eat it again. I would make it again but I'd use less garlic and add more balsamic vinegar.


Today I met a couple of occasional readers of this blog. I mentioned that I was getting a little bored but they urged me to continue so I will. I owe it them but not to those people who post comments and invite me check out the information on their sites about hotels and body-part enlargement, to name but a couple of the products they're trying to advertise.

B is for Birthday

Today is my birthday. My presents included Telling the Bees by Peggy Hesketh and the magazine PB4 featuring the poem Sweetness is for the Bees by Dimitra Xidous.

Check out this story about rare bumblebees.



  1. Found your site through Eat For a Fiver. Generally speaking I am not a massive soup fan but some of your ones on here look incredible! Will deffinitly be trying them out soon! :D


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