Liver But Not To Tell Another Day!

Chicken Liver and Noodle Soup

It was 1982 and the spouse and I were setting up home together. One of first cookery I bought for our first shared home was The Chicken Cookbook by Anne Mason. I don't remember using it often but I picked it out from our crammed kitchen bookshelves two days ago, just in case there were any promising soup recipes. We had made a terrine recently which meant that we had some chicken livers going spare. In the run up to Christmas the spouse wants to use up all the packets of chicken legs, wings and breasts that are clogging up our freezer, hence the choice of recipe book.

Yes, there was a recipe for soup and yes, it required chicken livers. Finally, yes, there was some home-made chicken stock in the freezer. A perfect storm. We didn't have fine noodles, but we were planning on going into town where we would pick some up in an Asian market.

The ingredients for this soup include stock, fine noodles, cooked peas, chicken livers (sliced) and butter. The two offspring do not like chicken livers but I was determined to make the soup. Today was the day. The spouse was out so it was just the older offspring and I. He was tidying his room and I set to. I brought the stock to the boil and added the noodles. While these were cooking, I fried the livers in butter, making sure they were cooked right through. When ready, I tipped the peas, the livers and the juices into the pot with the noodles. Then I called to the older offspring, dished up - not too much liver for him - and we sat down to eat.

Verdict: rather a bland soup. Not bad, but not worth another outing. Unfortunately, the battery in the camera was dead when I went to photograph the soup, so you'll just have to imagine it.

Short and sweet. Until next time.



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