Time To Hang Up My Ladle?

Clafoutis: cherries ready
Every now and then during the last couple of months my conscience has pricked me. I haven't made soup during that time nor have I formally said goodbye to any remaining loyal blog readers. Goodbyes are difficult. Decisions cause me stress ... or anxiety ... I can't make up my mind which word to use.

I have been otherwise occupied. Soup-making was a diversion from my academic pursuits, but I abruptly called a halt to those pursuits earlier this year. While waiting for certain matters to resolve themselves so that I could finally decide about returning to university or not, I undertook a comedy improv course. I had previously done occasional workshops but this was the first time I was able to give some sort of commitment to a continuing course. The course was different to my previous improv experiences in that there were more men, I was now among the oldest students and a group dynamic was nurtured. Then in late spring this year I leaped into a level-2 course. Some of my fellow improv students from the first course progressed with me and we encountered new graduates of a separate level-1 course. The most recent course ended with us dividing into three separate troupes and putting on a showcase for a select audience at a Dublin venue.
Clafoutis: ready to eat

My troupe are still convening and we're preparing for our next show. It gives me a chance to demonstrate my culinary skills. I've put aside the ladle and picked up my wooden spoon. I bake for the boys: crusty lemon bake (from Mary Norwak's Breads, Cakes and Biscuits), chocolate and almond macaroons, raspberry muffins and banana and raisin muffins.

I have decided that I definitely like comedy improv. All I have to do now is decide which of my baking recipe books to work my way through.

P.S. Just in case you're wondering, I made clafoutis during the week. It's best described as cherries baked in a sort of custard. Very nice.


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