Valentine's Day Treats Unveiled

Spicy biscuits for St Valentine's Day
A Better Batch of Biscuits ... Next Time

The spouse is away and I have baked biscuits using recipes from Martha Day's Baking and from a cookery book given to one of the offspring. There are two types on offer: spicy biscuits and lemon biscuits. The latter are supposed to be Christmas cookies but who said I had to stick to a timetable? And this batch of dough didn't respond well to being cut out with a heart-shaped cookie-cutter. The cheek! The more obedient spicy biscuits behaved well and so I'm including a photo. I've admitted previously that decoration is not my forte so I must learn a few tricks. 

The spouse and I are both trying to watch what we eat so there left-overs will travelling with me to the office tomorrow.

Goulash Good to Go 

Just in case you're wondering, I shall be making soup from The Soup Book. Well, strictly speaking, I'm going to adapt the recipe for Hungarian goulash soup that I first made in June 2010. I'll be adding vegetables (celery and carrots) to make it more like a stew and to get some fibre into the younger offspring. I'd better get going. 

Post Script
I was in town yesterday afternoon to buy presents for family members. I sent the mother of an almost-teenager a text, asking what her daughter's favourite colour was. The daughter's response came via her mother as follows: 
What is it for? Because looking at a colour is different to wearing a colour which is different to matching a colour which is different to eating a colour which is different to writing in a colour. Not yellow or orange or green or purple or brown or bright pink (dusty pink is nice) or silver. Blue or white or grey. 
I'm almost sorry I asked. 


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