2017: Let a New Year of Baking Begin

Review of 2016

Berries and cream celebration cake for New Year's Day, 2017
Last year was a bonanza year for baking. I made a total of fifty different baked items, including a berries and cream celebration cake on New Year's Eve for a special lunch on New Year's Day. This total was achieved because of the baking competition I entered in July, a fund-raising coffee morning I co-hosted in November, and various other occasions during the year. Some items didn't work out well or didn't taste as good as I'd anticipated, while others were ambrosia!

Here's the big list for 2016:

Ale fruit loaf17-Jan2016
Broccoli & Gruyere tart23 Jan2016
Fig and apricot scones30-Jan2016
Marbled peanut butter brownies3-Feb2016
Cup cakes3-Feb2016
Spicy biscuits13-Feb2016
Lemony cookies13-Feb2016
Apple crumble cake18-Feb2016
Vintage cheddar & walnut scones18 Feb16
Morning muffins3 Mar16
Pistachio & white chocolate shortbread4-Mar2016
Rocky road muffins10 Mar16
Sticky pear & ginger cake16-Mar2016
Raspberry Bakewell tart9-Apr2016
Pea, ham & cheese muffins30 Apr16
Wholewheat scones26-May2016
Norfolk scone26-May2016
Rhubarb & orange cake28-May2016
Iced rosemary cake29-May2016
Norfolk County asparagus torte29-May2016
Traditional scones (fruit, cheese and chive)1-Jun2016
Coconut jam slice1-Jun2016
Blueberry, lavender and & honey cake25-Jun2016
Raisin and orange scones15-Jul2016
Tea brack15-Jul2016
Apple tart15-Jul2016
Deep American fudge cake15-Jul2016
Blueberry scones24-Jul2016
Mushroom tart (with bacon)10 Aug 2016
Coffee, cardamon & walnut cake13-Aug2016
Rapeseed oil. lemon & blackberry cake10 Sept 2016
Rocky road crunch bars15 Sep 2016
Farmhouse biscuits24 Sep 2016
Carrot & pineapple cake1-Oct2016
Jammy coconut tarts2-Oct2016
Rich chocolate cake with lemon and orange2-Oct2016
Carrot cake15-Oct2016
Fruited buttermilk cake22-Oct2016
Molasses, prune & walnut teabread28-Oct2016
Amaretti plum cake29-Oct2016
Rippled date & banana loaf29-Oct2016
Christmas morning muffins12-Dec2016
Ginger chocolate chip cookies12-Dec2016
Festival cake18-Dec2016
Bitter chocolate and kirsch cherry tortes23-Dec2016
Crusty lemon bake23-Dec2016
Berries and cream celebration cake31 Dec 2016

I've highlighted the items which were particularly well received or that I especially enjoyed. The downside of tasty baking is the calories. Fortunately, my work colleagues are happy to help me share that load. 

Just in case you're wondering, I also made eight new soups. I haven't forgotten the original raison d'etre for this blog. 

Plans for 2017

This year I want to overcome my fear of baking with yeast. I also want to continue working my way through the Norfolk Cookbook. For Christmas I acquired two new baking recipe books: Scandikitchen Fika & Hygge by Bronte Aurell and The Cardamon Trail by Chetna Makan, so expect some spicy reports. 

Wishing my audience (however small) contentment in 2017. 



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