The Marvellous Month of May

Fruited teabread and pear and cardamom teabread
My kitchen was very productive this May. The doyennes of the fete cake stall retired last year and so the new stall holders were looking for donations. I girded my loins, reviewed my recipes for cakes that I could make and freeze, and set to. Nine different cakes and teabreads resulted: apple and ginger teabread, cherry and apple streusel cake, fruited teabread, pear and cardamom teabread, amaretti plum cake, rippled date and banana loaf, glazed rosemary cake, spiced fruit parkin, and prune, walnut and molasses teabread. I'm a legend in my own kitchen! And I had to make fudge for the stall I was working on. 

Later on in the month I made panforte from a Good Housekeeping recipe and a mushroom and onion quiche from Delia Smith's Complete Cookery Course for domestic use. 


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