Soup Break

February won't see Minnie busy making soup. This weekend I'm too tired, having been away last Monday and then baking for the older offspring's party a couple of evenings. Next weekend the spouse, younger offspring and I are heading away for a week so no soup for a while.

A very kind acquaintance has sent me a magazine about soup. It's called Bowled Over.


The only bee theme items I thought of this week were the film Bee Movie and a line from The Bear Necessities - "Those bees are buzzing in the tree. They're making honey just for me." Bee Movie ( - I can remember nothing about it except that Jerry Seinfeld did the voice of the main character.

Here's another bee connection. My sister's partner's father is a bee producer in England - I've had a jar. Very nice. Also, I think one of my aunts is involved in honey production.

That's it for the next couple of weeks. I'll look out for soups and honey when I'm away.


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