Going for Garlic

Garlic broth

Today's choice of soup (Sunday 7th) was made on the basis of looking in the fridge to see what I had most of! Well, there's a lot of garlic and not much else. So I looked in The Soup Book to see what was on offer and it seems that garlic broth is the front runner. The spouse made a batch of chicken stock for me yesterday (thanks, D) and I'll have to see if I can get hold of Gruyere cheese for the croutes, but I have sage, bay leaves, thyme, olive oil (bought yesterday at the Food Co-op; see below) and eggs.

Update: I couldn't get Gruyere so had to substitute pre-sliced Emmental. We ate the soup for lunch - 75% of the household expressed approval, so it will be made again. The older offspring has gone to play rugby stinking of garlic. He could single-handedly beat a team of vampires from Transylvania today.

Someone else's soup

I was at the Dublin Food Co-op (www.dublinfood.coop/) in Newmarket, Dublin 8, earlier today (Saturday 6th) and had a bowl of delicious dal soup (spicy lentils), prepared and served by a tiny little woman of Indian origin (I should add that I am a tall woman of Indian origin!). Mmmm! I hope to have more.

While at the co-op, I checked out the organic fruit and vegetables. I wished I'd known beforehand as I would have brought my copy of The Soup Book and made my choice of recipe based on the best looking ingredients. Another mini project for another day.

Quite bee chance ...

I was listening to the radio on Thursday evening (4th March) and an item on the Farm News section caught my attention. It was an interview with Dr Kevin Kavanagh, Head of Laboratory at the Department of Biology in NUI Maynooth, who was telling the interviewer about research into a product, Beemune, that may help to stimulate bees' immune systems. I presume that the RTE Drive Time team picked on the report in The Irish Times - www.irishtimes.com/newspaper/finance/2010/0304/1224265557480.html. So I didn't have to work too hard to find this week's bee story.

Then a bit later that same evening, I heard a rather doleful song called "The Bee Keeper's Wife" by Adrian Crowley, from his album Season of Sparks. I checked the album and learned that there's also a track called "Squeeze Bees".


  1. Have enjoyed catching up on two weeks of this great blog....yum! But C....a "cursory interest in bees"? Shome mishtake shurely....?


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