I first mentioned avgolemono in my blog of 2nd January. The name had cropped up in the book I was reading at the time for my book group. For some reason, The Soup Book lists this recipe by Shaun Hill as "avgolemone" but internet searches seem to indicate that the correct spelling is "avgolemono." Anyway, the family feasted on a Thai take-away meal last night (MH met me while I was en route to the restaurant) and we fancied a lighter meal today.

The ingredients of avgolemono are rice, well-flavoured chicken stock, eggs, the juice of a large lemon, seasoning and lemon wedges.A small amount of rice is cooked in the stock and gradually combined with the eggs and lemon juice. The spouse, older offspring and I sat down to our egg and lemon soup and were pleasantly surprised. "I'd go for that again," pronounced the spouse. "It's a summery soup."

Shopping and Supping

Earlier today the younger offspring and I were in town. I treated him to lunch in the cafeteria of a well known design shop that I used to frequent for coffee and oat biscuits in my undergraduate days. He went for the chicken goujons and chips while I yielded to the temptation of seafood chowder. It wasn't bad - maybe not quite hot enough. Another reminder of my student days is the book I am currently reading for the book group: Sarah Bakewell's How to Live, or A Life of Montaigne. Montaigne's essays were required reading for one of the courses I had chosen. Unfortunately, my French and my understanding of philosphy were inadequate and Montaigne was wasted on my nineteen-year-old self. I think I will get on better now.

Honey-Dipped Points

I came across some interesting items about bees and honey during the week.This story - Honey could help beat superbugs - appeared during the week. I found this film with music by Tonehammer that incorporates bee noises. But the Bees in Art website was my favourite find. Take a look and enjoy.


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