Minted Pea and Ham Soup

Minted Pea and Ham Soup

I didn't get a chance to make soup at the weekend. Sometimes life gets too complicated to make soup. Not to worry. I made some this evening. Although the recipe is by Roopa Gulati, no spice was used in its making. The ingredients include shallots, butter, potato, stock, peas, mint and cooked ham. When I arrived home from a busy day out, I had a cup of tea then got stuck in to making the soup. We had ham stock in the freezer (I'd left some out to thaw before going out this morning), and the spouse had cooked a piece of ham yesterday so I diced up the leftovers. The chopped shallots were softened in the butter, then the chopped potato was thrown into the pan. When this was tender I poured in the stock. While the stock was simmering I cooked the peas, adding mint for the last twenty seconds. When ready I added them to the stock then whizzed the lot in the blender. I reheated the soup and stirred in the diced ham.

The younger offspring and I ate the soup for our dinner. It was delicious with a dollop of creme fraiche on top and sprinkled with more mint. I recalled how I'd hated peas when I was growing up. Still not my favourite but very tolerable in this soup.

Bee is for Buildings

Did you know that the New Zealand Parliament Building is known as the the Beehive? Or that early monastic stone buildings or cells on the south-west coast of Ireland are known as beehive buildings? Or that Native Americans in what is now known as Texas lived in grass wigwams shaped like hives? And check out this beehive concept vertical village.

This isn't going to be one of my chattier blog entries, I'm afraid. Bye for now.



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