Asparagus and Mushroom Soup

Asparagus and Mushroom Soup

It's two years to the day since I made an asparagus soup from The Soup Book and on that occasion I was a little disappointed. If there's one thing I've learned in the last two and a half years, it's that some recipes work, some don't and some work splendidly. This recipe is by Shaun Hill. The ingredients include chicken stock, potato, leek, asparagus, olive oil, creme fraiche, butter and mushrooms. Well, he actually specifies morels (fresh or dried) but I had no idea where to find any. There aren't any woods near my house or my office. I did check out the local organic food shop but no joy. They did have globe artichokes, however - maybe there'll be two soups this week....

So, I arrived home from work and unloaded the vegetables. I got changed and then started peeling and chopping. First into the stock was the chopped potato, followed by the asparagus and leek. When they were ready I put them into the blender and whizzed them into submission. While the mixture was still in the blender I added some butter, olive oil and creme fraiche. In the meantime I cooked the mushrooms in butter. The soup had to be re-heated a little before I could dish it up into the warmed bowls. The mushrooms were spooned on the top and the three of us tucked in. The spouse and I loved it. After some humming and hawing the younger offspring decided he liked the soup too and - a huge step for him - admitted to a tentative liking for mushrooms. So, asparagus soup has gone from zero to hero status.

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Yes, it's been a while since I mentioned bees so here are a few little buzzes:

Pesticides -
Hold on (bee photo)
Honey Thief (an oil painting by Delilah Smith)

And now it's time to go.



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