It's been just under a year since I made a beetroot soup from The Soup Book. A convert to hot beetroot, I'm still not sure about cold beetroot. Anyway, it's a weekday and a work day, but I thought I'd give this borscht recipe a go as the younger offspring would be home later than usual. It's a cold and miserably wet day, so what better than a hot flavoursome soup.

The ingredients include butter or goose fat (I used up the last of a jar of duck fat), beetroot, onion, carrot, celery, a can of chopped tomatoes, garlic, vegetable stock, cloves and lemon juice. Having met Juno (my mother-in-law) for lunch, I dashed around the shops in the vicinity of my office. No fresh beetroot in the two supermarkets, so off with me to the organic green grocery. A nice little bunch of beetroot for €2.49. Where would you be going?!

On arriving home I laid out the ingredients. The first job was to peel the vegetables before roughly grating them. Out with the faithful old food processor and the grater attachment. Not an attachment I use frequently but on this occasion I didn't want to end up red-handed. I gently fried the gratings in the duck fat, added the crushed garlic, the tomatoes, stock, bay leaves and cloves and left the mixture to its own devices for over an hour and a quarter. By this time the two males of the household were home and so I added lemon juice and seasoning. The bowls were well warmed as I ladled in the borscht. I left the males to spoon in their own creme fraiche (substituted for soured cream). We supped. Very tasty and the accompanying rye bread was a good match. Another one for the "make again" list.

Ta ta for now.



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