Sweet Saturday Afternoon

Mango and Curry Leaf Soup

Yesterday was a sunny Saturday afternoon - our second hint of summer in six days. I had spent the previous evening baking Ottolenghi's marzipan muffins (adapted - I didn't make the plum compote) and making fudge and Nigella's rocky road for a parish fête. My teeth were on edge from checking that everything was up to standard and I had spent yesterday afternoon manning (personning?) a stall. But, I still wanted to make soup. I hadn't made anything from the fruit section of The Soup Book for a long time - since the 15th March 2012, in fact. 

The recipe for mango and curry leaf soup is by Roopa Gulati, of whom I usually expect great things. I gathered together the ingredients: Alfonso mangoes (I'm not sure that mine were Alfonso), black mustard seeds, curry leaves, red chilli, dark muscovado sugar, turmeric, coconut milk, lime juice and coriander. Roopa gave the preparation time as fifteen minutes: a huge underestimate as it took me at least twice that to peel and chop the mangoes. Anyway, I ploughed on. I fried the mustard seeds and curry leaves and chilli - what a great smoky aroma! Next in were three of the chopped mangoes, which were simmered until soft. Sugar helped to caramelise the fruit, but the addition of turmeric began the "souring" process. Stock, coconut milk and lime juice gave the soup more liquidity, and respectively sharpened or re-sweetened the mixture (an interesting tasting experience). Finally, I added the remaining mango and the chopped coriander. Then I dished it up and brought it into the spouse and younger offspring who were watching a rugby match. Reactions: "sweet and sour", "sweet but spicy", and "nice." Would I make it again? Probably not, more because it was too fiddly and the end result wasn't worth the effort. Sorry, Roopa.

Bee Brief

The spouse sent me this link to a campaign against neonicotinoids and the County Dublin Beekeepers' Association sent me this about forthcoming events.

I said, "Bee Brief" and I meant it.

Bye for now.



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