Aubergine and Red Pepper Soup

Aubergine and Red Pepper Soup

Today was a double effort as this aubergine and red pepper soup comprises two separate soups. In her introduction to her own recipe in  The Soup Book, Sophie Grigson sums it up as "a two-in-one" with the "mild and gentle aubergine cream yanked into high gear with a swirl of the sweeter, hotter red pepper." The aubergine soup ingredients are olive oil, onion, carrot, parsley, coriander seeds, aubergines (obviously), risotto or pudding rice, and chicken or vegetable stock. The first seven ingredients are sweated together before the stock and seasoning are added. Similarly, the first few ingredients for the pepper soup (olive oil, garlic, red chillies and red peppers) are sweated together before tomatoes, tomato puree, sugar, seasoning and stock are added. The two soups are whizzed in a blender and reheated separately, of course. The aubergine soup is divided between the soup bowls and then a ladleful of the pepper soup is added to each bowl and swirled in lightly.

Pepper and aubergine soups: pureed.

The finished soups: aubergine at the bottom and pepper swirled on top.
I have to admit I didn't expect much from the aubergine soup but once it was pureed it had more promise. The older offspring and I sampled the combined soups for lunch today and both of us were very impressed. I don't think I can describe the complementary and contrasting flavours any better than Sophie Grigson. Despite having to get out my food processor I would definitely make these soups again.

Buzzing About

Minnie's lavender: my bee-friendly garden on a sunny day.


  1. That soup sounds good - I can imagine the taste. The pics are nice too, both soup and the lavender - it looks better than it should after all that rain and dull weather! I presume you also know that Buddleia (Butterfly Bush) is also loved by bees?

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  3. Thanks, MH. I've learned that bees prefer blue/purple, white and yellow flowers, but I won't be planting Buddleia because it takes over the place.


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