Blooming at the Phoenix Park

I'm not writing about soup today. I thought I'd just write a few notes about the family visit to Bloom 2011. Not the entire family, I should add. The older offspring is away enjoying irresponsibility ... while he can.

The spouse, the younger offspring and I cycled over to the Phoenix Park yesterday, arriving at the Conyngham Road entrance just in time for the rain. Then we cycled up Chesterfield Avenue, ringing our bells at pedestrians who had the temerity to walk on the cycle path. We locked our bikes to railings close to the entrance to Bloom and made our way in. The flowers are something to behold. I love fuchsia and was very taken by one called Black to the Fuchsia!

At the food stalls I sampled Mella's Fudge. The stall-holder and I chatted about whether to use evaporated or condensed milk and whether to use a thermometer or go for the boil (she uses a thermometer). We both wrinkled our noses in unspoken agreement at another brand of fudge which really isn't up to scratch. Then it was off to sample the honeys. One of the stalls had been at Farmleigh last Christmas (Meadowsweet) and I'm sure I've come across Sarah's Wonderful Honey before.

After a while we went over to the Federation of Irish Beekeepers' Association's tent to have a look. There I got to taste different types of honey - rapeseed, lavender, mixed garden flowers ...Mmmm! News from the tent was that the Co Dublin Beekeepers' Association's annual honey show, craft exhibition and sale will take place at Christ Church Hall, Rathgar, on Saturday 5th November. Put it in your diaries. Another forthcoming event is the Apimondia International Bee Health Symposium which will take place in Dublin in March 2012.
The FIBKA tent at Bloom 2011

Beehives at the FIBKA tent, Bloom 2011

Show garden with beehive, Bloom 2011
Look closely and you will see a bee on these flowers in the Victorian walled garden, Phoenix Park, Dublin
No bees.  I just like these papavers!


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